Bergeon 2611-TB-2.5 Eyeglass

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Bergeon 2611-TB-2.5 Eyeglass (with cut-out)

This variation of the 2611 features an opening on the side to prevent steam building-up on the lens.

The classic eyeglass with a metal screw rim by Bergeon. An eyeglass is one of the most important tools for a watchmaker. These eyeglasses are of an excellent quality but still affordable. They come in a range of focal lengths and variations. The number (No.) of the eyeglass represents the focal length in inches and the magnification is given followed by the letter 'x'. Higher magnifications are achievable at shorter focal lengths. The most popular sizes are Nos. 2.5, 3 and 3.5, for general watchmaking. Other sizes may be useful for more specific tasks where either a higher magnification or longer focal length is required.