To determine the correct capacitor, first check the calibre number of the movement.  Then use the table below to find the corresponding capacitor.  You can click on the capacitor reference to go straight to the product page.


Do not use the number stamped on the capacitor.  Capacitors have different metal clips attached to them meaning that different capacitors have the same number stamped on them.  Always check the movement calibre number and then use the table below.





1M20 3027-26Y
3M21 3027-3MY
3M22 3027-3MY
3M62 3027-29N
4M21 3027-4MZ
4M61 3027-26Z
4M71 3027-26Z
5D22 3023-24L
5D44 3023-24L
5D88 3023-24L
5J21 3023-24X
5J22 3023-24X
5J32 3023-24X
5K22 3023-34U
5K25 3023-34U
5K2J 3023-34U
5M22 3023-5MY
5M23 3023-5MY
5M25 3023-5MY
5M42 3023-5MY
5M43 3023-5MY
5M54 3023-24T
5M62 3023-24T
5M63 3023-24T
5M65 3023-24T
5M82 3023-24T
5M83 3023-24T
5M84 3023-24T
5M85 3023-24T
5Y75 3023-24P
7D46 3023-24X
7D48 3023-24X
7D56 3023-24X
7L22 3023-24T
7M12 3023-24R
7M22A 3023-24R
7M22B 3023-5MY
7M42 3023-24R
7M45 3023-24R
8F32 2412
8F56 2412
8S21 3029-008
A557 4018-835
AS32 3026-24T
V110 3026-24T 
V114 3026-24T 
V115 3026-24T 
V116 3026-24T 
V117 3026-24T 
V121 3023-24P
V122 3023-24P
V137 3026-24X
V138 3026-24X
V142 3023-34U
V145 3023-34U
V14J 3023-34U
V157 3023-34U
V158 3023-34U
V172 3023-34T
V175 3023-34T
V176 3023-34T
V181 3027-V1Z
V182 3027-V1Z
V185 3027-V1Z
V187 3027-V1Z
V194 3023-24D
V195 3023-24D
V198 3023-24D
VR42 3023-34R
VR43 3023-34R
VS10 3027-26T
YT57 3023-24T
YT58 3023-24T