We will be closed Wednesday afternoon only 19/06/2024.  Please order before 12 noon for items to be sent out Wednesday.  Open as usual Thursday 20/06/2024.  Thank you.

Gleave & Co. is a business that deals with people in the watch repair, clock repair and associated trades. 


If you are not in this category, you are purchasing parts at your own risk.  We will not be able to help with any issues you encounter like fitting or if you have ordered the wrong part.  We strongly discourage ordering if you are not confident with repairing watches and clocks.  It is possible for anyone to use our website but please be aware of the following before ordering.


We do not offer any advice on fitting of parts and repairing.  You should only order parts if you have fitted similar parts before or you are already in contact with a professional that is happy for you to order the part or parts on their behalf.


We have had numerous cases of members of the public ordering the wrong parts and wanting to chat about the issues they are encountering.  We sell thousands of parts and tools each day and it is simply not possible for us to operate as a business and provide this service.  Please take you watch to a professional to get your watch repaired.  Far worse is the damage we have seen to very expensive watches because people with no experience have tried this as their first repair.


We appreciate your understanding on this matter.  We would prefer to keep our website open for the world to see.