Watchmakers Master Service Toolkit and Case, Bergeon 7815

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Product Description

A comprehensive selection of tools for servicing watches complete with a carry case.
Top quality Bergeon Swiss tools.
Ideal for bracelet resizing, bracelet/strap changing and opening/closing screw case backs.
Bergeon 8745, Pin removing press.
Bergeon 6899-T, Spare screwdriver blades 1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2.00mm.
Bergeon 2963-B, Plastic tubs x6 15x30mm.
Bergeon 30081, Screwdrivers 1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2.00mm.
Bergeon 1282-A, Leather buff with protector.
Bergeon 3153, Spring Bar Tool for removing spring bars.
Bergeon 3153-R, Tube of spare ends for the spring bar tool.
Bergeon 6744-P, Hard synthetic bracelet block for supporting the bracelet when removing pins.
Bergeon 30540, Blower for removing dust.
Bergeon 64060-P, Plastic tweezers, perfect for handling batteries.  Metal part can be used for opening swatch battery hatches.
Bergeon 7026-1, Antimagnetic Tweezers.
Bergeon 2819-08, JAXA Case Opener.
Bergeon 2819-A,B,C,D, JAXA bits of various shapes for different case types.
Bergeon 2611-TN-2.5, Eyeglass with a hole for extra light and to prevent the glass steaming up.
Bergeon 7039, Microfibre cloth for cleaning.
Bergeon 4932, Fixed blade case knife.
Bergeon 2510-N, Flat nose pliers.
Bergeon 6789-N, Bracelet sizing band.
Bergeon 2819-08-R, Small ruler.



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